How Did I Get Interested in Meditation, Yoga, and Self Help?

During my first year of college, I developed migraines. In 1980, the only treatment widely used for migraines was narcotics. It’s generally not a good idea to give a young college student a bottle of narcotics and say, “Take these as you need them.”

Luckily, my doctor was smarter than that. She sent me to biofeedback so that I could learn to treat my migraines with my own mind.


I thought, “If I can reverse a migraine with my mind, what else can I do with my mind?” That began a lifelong journey within. And a lifelong journey of studying the mind, brain, and other fascinating stuff.

Business Major to English Education

I entered college as a business major. But I didn’t fit in. The attitude of that department was “step on as many people as you can on your way to your first million.” It made me sick. I talked to the only professor in the department who didn’t have that attitude.

He gave me advice: “You can fight a system from within, which is what I’ve chosen to do. Or you can fight a system from the outside.”

His advice has always been a guiding light for me when I’ve come across something that I didn’t agree with. At times, I’ve chosen to fight from within a system. Other times, I’ve decided to fight from the outside of that system.

But often, I’ve chosen to simply walk away…

And that’s precisely what I did back in college. I changed majors. I became an English major. I ended up teaching at the college level. I loved it. I was good at it.

But I also loved business. On the side, I ran a business helping graduate students with their dissertations. I learned a wonderful approach to business back then through experience. Instead, of seeing my “competitors” as the enemy, I entered into a cooperative relationship with each of them. We had the same goal in mind…to help the client. So we serviced the clients as a team of small businesses.

Sometimes I helped the client to research and write the first draft. Sometimes I helped with re-writing. Sometimes I help with word processing. And my cooperative business partners did the same. That way we each were able to have variety in our workload. And the client was fully taken care of in all their needs. It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

And because we shared clients, our marketing efforts were minimized. Each of us attracted clients and then shared that client.

Since then, I’ve entered into many cooperative business relationships with other small business owners. Together we serve all the needs of the client. Everyone benefits greatly from this business model.