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LetterOku Puzzles

Don’t miss out on the power of puzzles.

  • Increase Focus
  • Enhance Flow
  • Develop Better Brain Function
    • New Brain Pathways
    • Neuroplasticity
  • Recover from Injuries Faster
    • Strokes
    • Accidents
  • Develop Better Skills
    • Logical Thinking
    • Communications
    • Pattern Recognition

Table of Contents

What is LetterOku?
Puzzle Books

What is LetterOku?

LetterOku puzzles are letter-based Sudoku puzzles. All of the puzzles in each Edition of the books are based on the same 9-letter word. These are not word Sudoku. Word Sudoku has hidden words and uses other types of puzzles, such as Cryptograms as part of the book.

LetterOku puzzle books have no hidden words. And they have only letter Sudoku puzzles. So if you’re a die-hard fan of Sudoku, you’ll love these books because they don’t have filler puzzles (puzzles other than letter Sudoku).

I also make other types of puzzle books. But LetterOku books are my main focus. They help with neuroplasticity in ways that other puzzles don’t.

Why LetterOku Rather Than Sudoku?

Variety is the short answer.

The long answer is that LetterOku puzzles are great for the brain as are Sudoku puzzles. So it isn’t a matter of “rather than” but “in addition to”. Neuroplasticity requires that the brain be exposed to new material in different ways. That is the way that the brain creates new pathways. The brain needs to be exercised just as the body does.

By doing LetterOku puzzles, you have to remember the letters of the Edition-based word for each puzzle of that book (Edition). We have found that doing a variety of difficulty levels of LetterOku puzzles for up to 300 puzzles for that one word is the most beneficial. Then moving onto another word to remember starts the process of newness all over again.

At, we’ve begun the process of creating thousands of LetterOku books that use 9-letter words. Fun fact: there are over 2700 9-letter words that have no-repeat letters. Those are perfect for LetterOku-style puzzles. I have a mission to try and make a fantastic puzzle book for each of those words. Obviously, it will take time. At the time of writing this post, I have not yet built my site. So check back, please because it will be incredible. I do have some puzzle books complete and available on Amazon.

What Types of LetterOku Puzzles Do We Provide?

  • Standard LetterOku (Easy to Extreme)
    • 9-square grid puzzles
    • 9-letter words with no-repeat letters
  • LetterOku Variants
    • LetterOku X Usual & Difficult
    • LetterOku Hyper Usual & Difficult
    • LetterOku Twins Usual & Difficult
    • LetterOku 12×12 Usual & Difficult
    • LetterOku 16×16 Usual & Difficult
    • LetterOku Triathlon A Usual/Difficult
    • LetterOku Triathlon B Usual/Difficult
    • LetterOku Marathon Usual/Difficult
    • LetterOku Samurai Usual & Difficult

We provide paperback puzzle books, which right now are sold through Amazon. Downloadables to come.

And we provide downloadable, printable puzzle books that are sold directly from our website. We use a secure cart to protect all of your information, including your credit card specifics. In fact, even we cannot see your credit card information; it is not stored anywhere. Therefore, even if we were hacked, your purchase would be safe…and we take better precautions against hacking than banks do.

Also, if you’re someone who wants a paperback version but you do not want to support Amazon–for whatever reason–I’m partnering with a printer. Those will become available soon. I know. I know… All this takes time. I believe in creating fantastic value.

And I need to run my offline business in order to pay the bills. But to give you an example of how much I care about my clients and take care of them… ALL of my clients have been with me since 2008. I started my business in 2007. So they are very satisfied. I love and take care of my clients. And I hope you will become one of them.

Puzzle Books

Doing puzzles is not only fun but can help the entrepreneur–and others–with the following:

  • Relaxation
  • Focus
  • Neuroplasticity (creating new brain pathways)
  • Logical Thinking

I love pencil puzzles. I create pencil puzzles. I’d love it if you’d give my puzzles a try. Buy the paperback version on Amazon (see book titles and links below) because it is safe and easy. Or purchase the downloadable, printable version because it is instant and less expensive.

For an Updated List and Downloadable/Printable Puzzle Books

Go to my other website:

Amazon Paperback Versions of My Puzzle Books

LetterOku Standard Puzzles Only

For book titles and links, keep scrolling…

Each “Edition” uses the same word for all of the puzzles. This helps with neuroplasticity. After completing an Edition, go onto another Edition to create more brain-pathway growth and reorganization.

Specifics of Each Book
  • Large Print paperback
  • 180 pages (portable)
  • 11.7 ounces (light portability)
  • 6×0.45×9 inches (super portable)
  • Easy to Extreme standard letter Sudoku puzzles
  • 264 Puzzles using the same LetterOku word
    • For maximum brain training per Edition
    • For fun and focus
  • Solutions – Guaranteed 1-Unique Solution

264 LetterOku Puzzles “GREYHOUND” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABUTILONS” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABUSIVELY” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABSURDITY” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABSOLVING” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABSOLUTER” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABSCONDER” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABRUPTION” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABOLISHER” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ADVERSITY” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABDUCTION” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABOLISHED” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABLUTIONS” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABJECTION” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABDUCTORS” Edition

264 LetterOku Puzzles “ABDUCTING” Edition

LetterOku Variants (scroll down for titles)
  • Some of the books include standard LetterOku puzzles
    • numbers of puzzles are specified
    • easy to extreme
  • Variants
    • numbers of puzzles are specified
    • usual (medium) to difficult
    • LetterOku X
    • LetterOku Hyper
    • LetterOku Twins
    • LetterOku 12×12
      • included in only some of the books
    • LetterOku 16×16
      • included in only some of the books
    • LetterOku Triathlon A
    • LetterOku Triathlon B
    • LetterOku Marathon
    • LetterOku Samurai

120 LetterOku Puzzles & 84 LetterOku Variants “GREYHOUND” Edition

92 LetterOku Puzzles & 108 LetterOku Variants “GREYHOUND” Edition

92 LetterOku Puzzles & 108 LetterOku Variants “LEVI BRAND” Edition

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