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High-End Resources

Yes. I use these resources and tools. These are business resources for those of you who want to start, grow, or expand your business.

Check my website regularly for new programs and other resources.

Text to Speech Software

I use this software to make videos.

If you want to create videos but don’t want to record your own voice, this is the best software that allows you to do that. Although there are some voices that come with this that sound robotic, there are plenty of natural-sounding voices that you’ll love.

If you record your own voice, you have to spend countless hours editing in order to make them sound professional. If you hire voice-over artists, you’ll pay huge bills every time you want a video…and you’ll have to wait for the voice-over to be made.

This software gives you control at your fingertips. Make videos any time you want. Never have to pay for a voice-over artist. Never have to wait for someone else to make or edit your video sound. You can add music…or not.

You can use the software right out-of-the digital box. If you choose, you can add pauses and such. But you don’t have to. And there are never any paralanguage markers (hesitations, ums, ahs…).

  • Fast.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Convenient.


I use Namecheap to buy all of my domains. They provide lifetime privacy at no extra charge. That helps to cut down on spam. Apparently, their other products, such as hosting, are good. But I have never used Namecheap for anything except for purchasing my domains.

  • Lifetime privacy – no extra charge.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great support.

Socrates WP Theme

 This is a WordPress theme. Easy to use. Great for optimizing your website. Fantastic support from the vendor.

  • Super-Fast & Responsive
  • One Time Fee (No Upsells)
  • Unlimited Personal Use+
  • Free 3 Day Trial (No CC)
  • Awesome Bonuses
  • Unrivaled Support
  • Loads of Videos
  • Bonus Themes
  • Bonus Plugins
  • 60-Day Guarantee

Hire Freelancers

Don’t let the name fool you. Fiverr can be a fantastic resource for you. Not all gigs are $5. But you can get some crazy good deals. Just look for those who have a good reputation. I generally reach out and ask a well-thought-out question before hiring. That way I find out if they are responsive.

  • Great customer support.
  • Great prices.
  • Social proof for vendors.
  • Ability to reach out to vendors before purchase.
  • Wide variety of services.

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Training Guides

Check back. Coming soon…

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